Empower Bonus

Once the user has activated his account and he registers his friends, relatives or acquaintances to the system, they will come in left or right position.

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Direct Referral

After ID activation, a distributor can directly nominate his acquaintance friends, relatives and well-wishers and any number of people.

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Joining Bonus

People who have purchased 5499 package will receive Rs.5000 joining bonus and those who have purchased 8499 package will receive joining bonus of Rs.10,000. Read More

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Retail Bonus

Retail bonus is the discount bonus that you earn by purchasing any product from Sugipu.

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Team Repurchase income

This is a fantastic source of income for the Leaders. This is the income earned by the leader every time someone in his team makes a purchase.

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Awards & Rewards

Keep yourself updated with all the happenings with Sugipu Life Care.

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International Tours

Sugipu Life Care provides our Leaders a golden opportunity to travel abroad. We provide an opportunity to travel and enjoy tours in Sri Lanka, Australia and European countries.

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Car Fund

Every person dreams of owning his own car. But for the poor and middle class, this dream remains a dream

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Housing Fund

Food, shelter and clothing are the three man's top priorities. According to one estimate, over 20 million people in our country do not have a proper home to sleep. Roadblocks, storefronts, train stations and bus stops are their night sleeping places.

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Royalty Income

Keep yourself updated with all the happenings with Sugipu Life Care

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Why choose us?

Network marketing is a major step in alleviating the unemployment problem in India. Our management team with many years of network marketing experience is offering high quality products at affordable prices. Our Sugipu Life Care is a great platform to earn a good income through working as a great team.

The best in the market The Best in the Market

We have wide range of Ayurvedic product which are considered to be one of the best in the market

Our products are free of harmful chemicals for the human body

World Class Products World Class Products

Sugipu Life Care uses 100% Natural ingredients to develop products that are of high quality and which improve health. Our aim is to not use the chemicals that are harmful to the human body and encourage the Ayurvedic products made in India.

Dedicated professional team Dedicated Professional Team

Our firm has a management team with over ten years of experience in network marketing. Our marketing team consists of YOUNG & ENERGETIC dedicated youth group

24/7 Support 24/7 Support

Our qualified customer support team will be available to serve you 24x7 to resolve any difficulty you may face.

About Image

About Sugipu Life Care

From the home of many nationalised banks and the world famous Sri Krishna Temple - Udupi, we bring you for the first time “Sugipu Life Care”, a company aimed at increasing the use of Indian made products and hence making its small yet significant contribution to improve the economic situation of the country.

We are providing an amazing opportunity to all Indians to earn income by buying every day products made in India Read more



Our expedition is to conquer every state in India and make our presence felt in every nook and corner of the world with our unbeatable products and services.



We are committed towards social work and at large we are a platform for overall growth for millions of people.

Product Packages

We have a total of 3 packages. You can become our distributor by purchasing any one of these packages.

Our first package is “Star Package” worth Rs. 2499. We have allotted 200 PV for this package and you will receive Health and Wellness products related to this package.

Our second package is “Silver Package” worth Rs. 5499. You can purchase this package and get the Health and Products related to this package. We have allotted 500 PV for this package.

Our third package is “Gold Package” worth Rs. 8499. We have allotted 1000 PV for this package and you will receive Health and Wellness products related to this package.

You can purchase either one of these packages and become a lifetime distributor at Sugipu Life Care Or

You can activate by select any product by using MSP Activation (Click here to view Products)


Silver Plan

Rs. 2499 (200 PV)

  • Star Check Empower Bonus: 200PV
  • Star Check Ceiling Limit Rs. 2000/- per day
  • Star Check Direct referral - 5%
  • Star Check Joining Bonus: Rs. 2000 (1 year Validation, 10% Discount on Repurchase Amount )
  • Star Check Retail Bonus: 5% (Self Repurchase)


Silver Plan

Rs 5499 (500 PV)

  • Empower Bonus: 500PV
  • Ceiling Limit Rs. 10,000/- per day
  • Direct referral - 5%
  • Joining Bonus: Rs. 5000 (1 year Validation, 10% Discount on Repurchase Amount )
  • Retail Bonus: 10% (Self Repurchase)


Gold Plan

Rs. 8499 (1000 PV)

  • Empower Bonus: 1000PV
  • Ceiling Limit Rs 20,000/- per day
  • Direct referral - 5%
  • Joining Bonus: Rs.10,000 (1 year Validation, 10% Discount on Repurchase Amount )
  • Retail Bonus: 20% (Self Repurchase)

Our Bank Details

Bank of Baroda
Udupi Branch
Sugipu Life Care Private Limited,
Current A/C No. 29040200004591
IFSC Code BARB0UDIPIX (Fifth Character is Zero)

Axis Bank
Udupi Branch
Sugipu Life Care Private Limited,
Current A/C No. 920020045896098
IFSC Code UTIB0000181


All products of our company are GMP and ISO standard. Made using 100 percent natural herbal products. It does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body. All our products are free of paraffin, sulphate and silicon. All our products are world class. We work with companies that have more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of Herbal products. We are very proud of the quality of the products.




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GO GO GOA TOUR...........


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Many of our products are

100% Veg
100% Derived from the Vegetable Mineral Kingdom
24 M
Paraben Free
Standardized Natural Extracts
100% Standardized Herbs
Not tested on Animals
Generally Recognized as Safe
Good Manufacturing Practice
100% Chemical Free
Sulphate Free
GMO Free
Phosphate Free
Silicone Free