1. Empower Bonus

Once the user has activated his account and he registers his friends, relatives or acquaintances to the system, they will come in left or right position. On buying 5499 package it becomes 500PV, same way 8499 package becomes 1000PV. 500PV: 1000PV to get Empower Income first.

Or else he must have 1000PV:500PV. And then it will be 500:500 or 1000:1000, and carry forward. This Empower Income is a fantastic source of income and a great opportunity to work through a team.

This is an amazing opportunity for people with Rs. 5499 package to earn maximum income of Rs. 10,000 per day, Rs. 70,000 per week and Rs. 3,00,000 per month. Same way people who have purchased Rs. 8499 package can earn maximum income of Rs. 20,000 per day, 1,40,000 per week and 6 Lakh per month.

Such a golden opportunity is offered by Sugipu to its independent distributors.

Empower Bonus

Empower Bonus

2. Direct referral - 5%

After ID activation, a distributor can directly nominate his acquaintance friends, relatives and well-wishers and any number of people.

Join any package and get 5 percent of the total value of that package as direct referral income.

Direct referral

3. Joining Bonus

People who have purchased 2499 package will receive Rs.2000 joining bonus, for 5499 package will receive Rs.5000 joining bonus and those who have purchased 8499 package will receive joining bonus of Rs.10,000. This bonus can be used for re-purchase before 365 days of activation. For every re purchase you can use 10% of this bonus.

For ex: If an items price is Rs. 100 and if you use 10% then the item price will be Rs. 90.

You can use this till the bonus amount is available.

Joining Bonus

4. Retail Bonus (Self Repurchase) 5% - 20%

Retail bonus is the discount bonus that you earn by purchasing any product from Sugipu.

For people who have bought from 2499 package it is 5%, for 5499 package it is 10% and for 8499 package it is 20%. You can use this bonus for lifetime on any product purchase from the time of activation.

Retail Bonus

5. Team Repurchase income

This is a fantastic source of income for the Leaders. This is the income earned by the leader every time someone in his team makes a purchase. There is no ceiling limit for this Income and is calculated on a month's purchase of the team. Income is determined on the BV value of each item

1 To 5 Level 3.5%
6 To 10 Level 2.5%
11 To 15 Level 1.5%

6. Awards & Rewards

Executive bag with dairy

5000 PV Matching - (STAR ACHIEVER)

Executive bag with dairy

Wrist Watch (Men or Women)

12500 PV Matching - (ROYAL STAR ACHIEVER)

Wrist Watch (Men or Women)

Android Mobile

25000 PV Matching - (SILVER ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 5,00,000)

Android Mobile


50000 PV Matching - (PEARL ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 10,00,000)


iPhone Mobile

1,25,000 PV Matching - (EMERALD ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 15,00,000)

iPhone Mobile

Activa Honda 125 cc

2,50,000 PV Matching - (GOLD ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 20,00,000)

Activa Honda 125 cc

2 Lakh car fund

5 Lakh PV Matching - (PLATINUM ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 25,00,000)

2 Lakh car fund

6 Lakh worth gold

12.50 Lakh PV Matching - (DIAMOND ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 30,00,000)

6 Lakh worth gold

10 Lakhs worth car funds

25 Lakh PV Matching - (BLUE DIAMOND ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 40,00,000)

10 Lakhs worth car funds

20 Lakh Housing Fund

50 Lakh PV Matching - (CROWN DIAMOND ACHIEVER - ADB Life Coverage - Rs. 50,00,000)

20 Lakh Housing Fund

7. International Tours

Sugipu Life Care provides our Leaders a golden opportunity to travel abroad. We provide an opportunity to travel and enjoy tours in Sri Lanka, Australia and European countries. Leaders can earn an international tour by increasing their team and there is no additional fee required for this.

International Tours

8. Car Fund

Every person dreams of owning his own car. But for the poor and middle class, this dream remains a dream. Sugipu Life Care gives you the opportunity to get your dream cars by joining hands with us and working independently.

Car Fund

9. Housing Fund

Food, shelter and clothing are the three man's top priorities. According to one estimate, over 20 million people in our country do not have a proper home to sleep. Roadblocks, storefronts, train stations and bus stops are their night sleeping places. Everyone have the desire to own their dream home. But there are no suitable income opportunities. With all these factors in mind, our company is giving our leaders and distributors the opportunity to own their dream home.

Housing Fund

10. Royalty Income

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond 1% Of Company Global Turnover

Crown Diamond

Crown Diamond & Above 2% Of Company Global Turnover

*Conditions apply

Monthly Field Allowance (MFA)

SL-No PV Matching/ Month MFA No of Months Total
1 5000 PV 1250 2 2500
2 10000 PV 2500 2 5000
3 15000 PV 2500 3 7500
4 20000 PV 2500 4 10000
5 30000 PV 3000 5 15000
6 50000 PV 5000 5 25000
7 100000 PV 10000 5 50000
8 200000 PV 10000 10 100000
9 300000 PV 20000 10 200000
10 500000 PV & Above 30000 10 300000
Terms & Conditions
  • Only Fresh PV Matching PV will be eligible.
  • Only One Higher PV Matching will be paid per month.
  • Carry forward PV cannot be calculated.
  • Fresh PV Cycle will be every calendar month from 1st to month end.

Joining Bonus & Joining Bonus Re Top-up Benefits (Vaild from date of activation to 365 days)

Star Package


Silver Package


Gold Package


Re Top-up Benefits
Top - up Benefits Wallet Deposit
Rs. 2000 Rs 3000
Rs. 3000 Rs 5000
Rs. 5000 Rs 10,000
Rs. 10,000 Rs 25,000
Rs. 25,000 Rs 75,000

*(Joining Bonus wallet 10% is used for Repurchase of Products)

Secure Your family with ADB Life coverage (Accident Death benefits)

SL-No Achievements Insurance
1 Silver Achiever Rs 5,00,000
2 Pearl Achiever Rs 10,00,000
3 Emerald Achiever Rs 15,00,000
4 Gold Achiever Rs 20,00,000
5 Platinum Achiever Rs 25,00,000
6 Diamond Achiever Rs 30,00,000
7 Blue Diamond Achiever Rs 40,00,000
8 Crown Diamond Achiever Rs 50,00,000

Nominee Facility

No other country gives more importance to family and relationships than us Indians. The responsibility of management of each family rests on the shoulders of the man of the house. Keeping this in mind our organization has introduced the nominee facility.

If incase any accident or life threatening incident befalls the leader, Sugipu takes the full responsibility to send the income earned by him till the time he is eligible to earn to the bank account of his nominee.

Zero Investment, Risk Free & Legal Business Opportunity

Sugipu Life Care gives Indians the opportunity to make money legally without any risk, without any investment. There is no fee here and it offers high quality items that are worth the price.

Sugipu Life Care is a company which is MCA registered with GST, PAN numbers and holding valid Business License. We have an official office-space to carry out our business under Indian law.